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I'll just hope this thread isn't dead yet and ask...
Anyone here have any tips on making Cirno's wings?
I have an idea on how to make mine. I'm either going to do foam with wire inside and a harness back-Cutting a bunch of sharp shapes out with a bit of math and making them all 3D and stuff, or I'm going to make a wire cage for each crystal and cover it with fabric. Not sure if that'd help.
My friend talked me into cosplaying Letty. I've never played touhou and don't know much about it XD
I already have the perfect wig, but I don't know what kind of fabric I should use for the costume .-.
Depends if you're accustomed or even going to going out in cold weather. I actually used mine for cold weather. I used a light cotton for the vest, I also used cotton for the shirt underneath (since I just stole it from my Reisen cosplay.), it's that kind of material you use for dress shirts.
I made the bloomers out of a thick stretch polyester and the clothing accessories out of just broadcloth. The cape in the back was a light blue mesh.
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