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Originally Posted by uruha-fan-girl View Post
okays, yay^ ^ i'll wait untill then haha

Thank you, I really like Teru (just as much as Uruha haha. But hide is special to me, so he is higher then all the j rockers I like haha ) Yeah I have sorta got it like his as you can see.. But my fringe is too long, and I have black under neath, so I'll buy hair extensions as see if I can hide them? I have never used them before lolz And my silver is like silvery-white-blonde haha.
I'm going to get someone to make his Holy Grail out fit! I fell in love with it >.<; haha but its sooo expensive TT^TT And I'm afraid to show my legs, and tummy haha but I think I can do it

Are you going to cosplay any j rocker/visual kei artists anytime soon?^ ^

i reckon you could hide long as they're exactly the same colour as your natural hair...cause i have friends who have extensions...and you can tell it's fake cause its a few shades brighter or darker than what they thought...:/
oh my god...the Holy Grail outfit...thats so cool!! are you going to any cons to show it off?

i really want to cosplay Mana Sama from Malice Mizer :P but i would really need to save up if i was to do that...i wanna cosplay Reita... :P (he's just so cool...) and D from Asagi i dunno...but costumes cost so much (depending on who you go as)

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