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Hey guys! I actually first stumbled on this thread sometime in 09 and I'm genuinely surprised (and glad) to see it still going.

I was hoping to get together an Ellis costume for the next MechaCon down here in Louisiana.
I have pretty much everything planned out thanks to tips found in this thread and other places on the nets.

In my prop list I plan to have:
Bile bomb
Med kit made from scratch
Airsoft pistol
and the suppressed sub machine gun (basically tweaking an airsoft Uzi).

The outfit is what is giving me trouble. First off, I can't seem to find denim coveralls so I may have to settle on either dark gray or navy. Secondly, finding a blue and white hat will be easy, I just need a good image of the tow truck to make a patch to sew onto the hat so if anyone can help me with that, that would be awesome! Another question is about the Bullshifters shirt. Does anyone know if the Valve official shirt has anything besides the "Left 4 Dead 2" logo on the back?

Glitch Gear's shirt (which looks just like Valve's) has a Med Kit printed on the back. I reallyyy want to avoid that.

And for those who made the shirt themselves, how did the iron on paper work? What image did you use?

All help would be greatly appreciated and I'll be sure to post pictures as i progress!
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