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Originally Posted by Oniigiri_Basket View Post

I have NOT had good experiences with Hellocosplay. (For one thing, they steal photos from other sites for their costumes. For another, the customer service sucks. For ANOTHER thing, they rarely get anything accurate.) You got lucky. D:
while i cant 100% prove they stole the pictures, i can say i highly believe thats true.
i got my keyblade from this ebay store 4e4e
and these cloud strife items
armor em415a36b08b
sheath f27d

and they look 100% accurate to the pictures. i have them in my photos on here you can see for yourself. there is not one thing different from the pix you see in the ads.
if you looked on hellocosplay before summer hit, they didnt have any of clouds items other then shitty cosplay costumes, and no kingdom key or ultima waepon for KH. after i bought the keyblade i looked on hello cosplay and they used the EXACT SAME PICTURES FROM THIS EBAY SELLERS ADS!!!! not only did they use the product pictures but they actually used the the ENTIRE posts pix. pretty effed up..i for one will NEVER use hellocosplay

EDIT: oh also, they charge WAY more then that ebay seller..
ex: i bought the kingdom key on ebay for $245 incl shipping cost. hellocosplay wants over $400 before shipping..yea bullshit
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