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Hey there! I'm more or less not experienced with professional photography and was reading this thread to find out some tips. I've learned lots that could help me out, which is awesome, but I do have a question for you guys.
A lot of the discussion here is about taking photos at conventions, and let me apologize ahead of time if that is what this thread is about. I was wondering if anyone has good tips about off-con shoots, such like in a certain setting and environment? I've been wanting to take some nice looking pictures of my friends and mine own cosplays, since all we have at the moment is what others take of us at conventions. For example, like photos done in a forest area, or maybe on the side of a busy street, or in a class room. Obviously reflecting the characters own environments and/or complimenting their personalities.
Any tips on posing and camera angles you guys think do the best, and just any tips a newbie like me should know.
Thanks for all your help!
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