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Watched Bad Teacher last night at Kator's.


She started the movie and said "Oh I can't believe you agreed to watch this with me. Everyone else hates it... hm. I wonder why...?"

The storyline was painfully slow and none of the characters were likable. I didn't want any of them to come out on top at the end. The movie dragged on for so long that we were yelling at the screen for someone to bone and freaking end it already. A 97 minute movie should NOT feel like 3 hours.

We watched the "Unrated" version, figuring "We're adults. We can handle a boob and some extra cursing." NO. That movie had random boobage for no reason. When it pertains to the plot, fine. Whatever. But if there is absolutely no reason for it.. TAKE IT AWAY.

This movie made me rage harder than Dinner for Schmucks, except at the end of Dinner for Schmucks.. you don't want to kill all of them. That part comes in the middle, right before Paul Rudd grows a conscience.
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