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Mori - are the girls of the forest vicous?

(Horrible title line but the situation is described below)

Recently I was derping around looking at a tumblr with cute jFashion and I came across an image of an attractive girl wearing very cute clothes. In the caption it was talking about Mori Fashion! I looked it up, and I... I feel in love (almost as hard as I did with Lolita omg) But I was wondering, is there anything I should worry about with Mori like I do with Lolita?

Worry about, you say, what should you worry about?

I look at the Lolita comms as well as Gyaru, look at many blogs and... I look at their secrets. I don't want to beat around the bush, but I am just looking at a very cute fashion, I'm tempted to start styling myself in the fashion but I don't want to get roped into some of the bad sayings and such (bad sayings and such... I can't type today)

Is there anything bad about Mori fashion?
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