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Originally Posted by Shoji-Aoyama View Post
thats why its in ' ' those things. . . I dont think any of use here can call ourselves a Professional with a straight face, Yeah I know there are real professionals among us, but as far as Cosplay is concerned im not so sure

THEY call us Pros because we get results that they cant with gear that they see as hella expensive. . . I myself am a Hobbyist, nothing more than an advanced amateur, Ill TRY to make a little something to cover my costs (travel expenses, etc.) but for the most part Im out there just to have some fun, and occasionally experiment with things like playing with my speedlights
Exactly, there are really only a few "pro" level photographers in the cosplay photography world (like Brucer and The Fox) but the cosplayers see DSLR gear with expensive lenses and they make the association that we are "pro" level.
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