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Originally Posted by Riku-Risa View Post
But if they don't wanna be that gender, then why choose that character? That's the part I don't get
Cause they love said char? Sometimes ppl have a problem to find a female char they like from certain series just regarding personality. And I have to admit concerning some series it is really difficult since there are simply less well developed female chars than males...
But still they wanna cosplay with friends and/or just love that fandome... and if you have a problem with crossplay it can be really difficult.

I personally don't really like genderbender versions where they make no sense either but then again I don't mind crossplaying at all, just as I like to cosplay females.
So I rather prefer to cosplay the "real" char not an alternate version.

Besides some ppl also just do it for fun once in a while. You can't be absolutely serious all the time with your chars I guess. I love to make fun of them as well just in another way.^^.
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