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Originally Posted by doxiequeen1 View Post
I'd rather see a good gender bend then a bad crossplay, if that makes any sense.

BUT 90% of the time girls just use "gender bend" to slutty up the mens default outfit, and that really bothers me. It comes of as lazy and slutty and is somewhat pathetic.

If the character your gender bending isn't slutty, your outfit shouldn't be.

But I do like gender bend versions that are really creative while still being recognizable, or if they are official like this, or this.
This. This 100%.

I don't really blame girls who want to show off their body (I really wonder if it is just for the sake of cock-teasing) but there are plenty of characters that already do that.
I wonder if some do it because its easier to gender bend than trying to do someone who is already sexy but with more effort in the costume.
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