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If anyone has ever read the Dragonlance series, then I recommend Raistlin Majere as a fairly simple outfit. Depending on which variation of Raistlin you choose, he either wears red, white, or black robes (many cosplayers I've seen choose the black ones ^^), plus black pants (jeans could be used). For the shoes, a simple pair of boots will do. His staff is also surprisingly easy, just a long wooden rod with a dragon claw on top holding a crystal, though some illustrations show it as just a crystal on the top with no dragon claw. The only complexity is the skin tone, as he does have gold skin, and the eyes which have hourglass pupils. Since no contacts I have seen have hourglasses for pupils, I believe just golden colored contacts can be a reasonable substitute.

However, if you are going for young Raistlin a la Soulforge, Raistlin's appearance is much different then. His hair as a youngster is reddish-brown, just like his brother's. His eyes are blue. Also, he wears white robes as a young mage, not red or black. Most people go for the post-Test look though as it is very cool.

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