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Wig site review: JC-PUNK (Ebay)

Purchased: One Gakupo wig, one long wig in bright green, one long platinum blonde wig

Purchased from:

Description of product(s): Gakupo wig comes with two ponytails and a base wig, kanekalon fibers, 100cm. Green wig is kanekalon fiber, and is 100cm. Platinum Blonde wig is also kanekalon fiber, and is 100cm. All wigs are extremely silky, and have lesser chances of tangling than most wigs. Great colors, stays true to the description.

Price: Gakupo wig: $36(Free EMS Shipping), Green wig: $24 (Free EMS Shipping), Platinum Blonde wig : $24 (Free EMS shipping)

I've known this seller for two years now. Their shop is located in China, and they sell a ton of cosplay accessories and costumes, along with punk and jrock inspired clothing, for very great prices. Their wigs are very silky, and do not tangle as much as many other wigs that i've worked with.
I 've never had any problems with this seller, and all their products ship under EMS either for free, or for a very low price, usually less than $15.
I highly recommend purchasing from them, if you need anything cosplay related
Here is a picture of my Gakupo wig-

Here's a picture of my platinum blonde wig (crappy photo, sorry)- _n.jpg

The green wig was purchased for a friend, so I don't have a picture of it, but all their wigs are the same fibers. If you have time, do check them out!

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