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Oh man, the elevators were VASTLY improved over last year. I wish every con would enforce them this way. So much love for the RenCen staff for doing this. The registration was also vastly improved. Last year it was like 2 hours in line to pick up a badge, this year I went looking for the pre-reg line and couldn't find it. Why? Because there was no line! And although the line for at-con reg was long and snaked around everywhere, my girlfriend got through it in under half an hour Friday afternoon. Not bad at all!

What was bad in equal amounts to the good above - the extremely limited panel space (we could barely get into any unless we wanted to arrive at least an hour early and just sit there), as well as extremely limited space for lines FOR the panels. There were lines snaking all over those narrow walkways, sometimes on both sides, which meant if even one person stopped to take a picture, no one could get through.

I think I'm looking forward to the "expansion pack" mentioned on the back of the booklet. =) I mean, clearly Youma learned from last year's registration and elevator fiascos and improved upon their methods, so I'm pretty sure they'll handle this problem too.
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