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Originally Posted by Andrea View Post
What was bad in equal amounts to the good above - the extremely limited panel space (we could barely get into any unless we wanted to arrive at least an hour early and just sit there), as well as extremely limited space for lines FOR the panels. There were lines snaking all over those narrow walkways, sometimes on both sides, which meant if even one person stopped to take a picture, no one could get through.
I agree, those bridges and walkways on the upper floors were so crowded at times, I nearly thought someone would fall over the edge. This was my first Youmacon, and what I've gathered is that it's a very VERTICAL convention, which isn't necessarily bad, but it meant getting anywhere required shuffling through several bottlenecked areas. We "ran the gauntlet" every time we wanted to get somewhere.

As far as positives, I was very happy with all the stuff I bought in the dealers room. It may be indicative of most american cons (up until now, I've only been to Canadian ones) but I found some fantastic deals.
The artist alley had a lot of cool stuff too, and I liked the many places to go and hang out. The crowd at this con was also very friendly.
Negative aspects include the crowdedness, the dealer's room didn't sell pretty much any manga, which was surprising, and the panels and general programming wasn't too stellar. I mean, to me, it was kind of a boring schedule, but to each his own.

Would I go back? I think definately. I still had such a blast, and met some cool people. Staying in Detroit also went better than expected; we were expecting it to be a rough city, but it was not too bad going back and forth between con and hotel, and just about everyone we interacted with was nice.
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