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I didn't get a badge so I can't offer much of value to the con itself unfortunately, but I will comment on things I noted over the weekend.

Good things:
-This was my first time at Youma, so everything was new to me. I LOVE the area, and RenCen is very interesting. I've never been to a con in a hotel/con center like it before.
-The elevator organization...holy cow. For a building that had 70 floors, I did not expect it to be the most organized hotel elevator experience I've ever had! We were on floor 53 and never had to wait long for an elevator in either direction, until check-out time today, of course. I was completely floored by this (ba-dum-ching!). My experience is mostly with OhayoCon and ACen, so anyone who has frequented those two cons will know why this was the most amazing thing ever to me, haha.
-Security seemed fairly lax, though I'm not sure if this is actually a good or bad thing. Good that I didn't see any crazy power-tripping staff like I'm used to seeing at cons, but bad because sometimes people were doing stupid things in the hallways (like fighting with plastic swords and bumping into people, etc.) without anyone to tell them to knock it off.

Bad things:
-As was already mentioned, it was VERY crowded - more crowded than I can recall experiencing at a con before. It seemed like no matter where you went, you couldn't get into an area that wasn't packed with people. I heard Youma is planning to move to a different location, and if that's true, I hope the decision was made with the crowding in mind!
-The artist alley seemed...surprisingly small! Disappointingly small, really. And the way it was set up made it nearly impossible to roam through. I found myself paying more attention to where I was standing/people around me/people moving through than I did to the artwork. I realize RenCen is basically a giant circle on every floor, so there must not have been a good, open floor to place them without tucking them into a room, but if there was some way to make that more efficient, that would be nice.
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