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Originally Posted by wingsofapapercr View Post
this might be slightly off topic, but does anyone have any tips on how to store sewing patterns? I can use them fine but I find i'm always buying new ones because I lose the pieces I cut out
Personally, I take all the cut pattern pieces, fold them carefully, and put them back in the pattern envelope with the instructions and the unused pieces. I keep all the envelopes in a row in plastic tote box which is starting, unfortunately, to over flow When I want to re-use the pattern, I just take the pieces out, iron them again, and they're ready to go.

If this isn't working for you (sometimes they get scrunched up or torn, especially after lots of use), my friend's method of pattern storage is to cut the envelope up the side, open it, and paste it to the front of a manila folder or non-padded mailing envelope. Then she puts all the pattern pieces into the folder or envelope, and these can be easily organized in either a filing cabinet or in a milk crate, using hanging file folders.
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