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My only complaint is the Saturday night line for the Rave. We got in line early, were patient, and stood where we were supposed to. The actual line started at the Ballroom door, then went along the Artist Alley wall, not down the center hall. People starting lining up in the center hall as well and cut in front of the actual line. Staff didn't do anything about this, and it was hard to tell who was in what line when they got to the front. Long story short - we moved about three feet in 30 minutes after the rave started.

I think the line needs to be roped off for at least the first 100 feet or so, to establish that there's an actual line. Maybe have a couple signs pointing where to go (it's one of the main events after all) and even just two extra people on line control to handle the back of line and making sure people aren't forming new ones...
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