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First time ever attending a con outside of Canada and I must say it had a lot of good things going for it. As mentioned above, the elevator situation was handled very well. I've been to so many cons where you need to go up in order to go down every single day. They had some amazing and entertaining guests, their panels were worth the time spent in line waiting. The pre-reg price was reasonable; I also had no trouble getting my badge on Friday, the line was non existent for that.

That being said, there are also areas that need improvement.

- Line control! Limited space and crowding became an issue when lines were being formed. There was also limited line control the entire weekend. No one knew where one line began and another ended.

- Signs! Dear GOD! Even one sign at the entrance indicating were to go for the con would have been nice. First time there and I got turned around so much since it seemed as if the signs were non existent.

- Program schedule. For next year they could include a program schedule that is not attached to the booklet. It's not necessary, but it does make things more practical and easier to carry around than a booklet that doesn't fold too well.

- Keep staff informed! So many staff members were left out of the loop, they had no idea what was going on. Please keep the staff better informed so that they can better handle the crowds and events.
(waiting in line for an event that started an hour and a half late with no info for the delay tends to become irritating - now imagine the reaction my friends and I had when con staff were asking us what the line was for!)

- Weapons check. This should have been obvious. I even saw a couple of guys with metal swords unsheathed.

I realize that some things would be beyond the control of the con (noticed signs saying not to put up signs on the walls), but there are always solutions to any problem. Would I go again? I think I'll give this con another shot. After that; well, we'll see.
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