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Depending on what I can pack with me for my winter break, I might need to be bumped down to a maybe. If I can pack all the costume and accessories, it's most likely my normal Fluttershy. Sorry.
Planned Cons 2012:
Anime Los Angeles 2012 - Wore Nyo!Canada, X-23, Beach!Suki
Ohayocon 2012 - Wore Nyo!Canada, Cardverse!Hungary, Machi
Fanime 2012
Anime Expo 2012

Costumes for this year:
God Tier Jade (Homestuck) - in progress
3 In The Morning Jade (Homestuck) - in progress
Cardverse Hungary (Hetalia) - further distressing needed
Chess Hungary (Hetalia) - planning stages
Nyotalia Canada (Hetalia) - several finished
Beach Suki (Avatar) - complete
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