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Originally Posted by ImNewHere View Post
I forgot about starting this thread. Well, I have done it, and at my last con got some great reactions. All in all people seemed to like it. I had a much better petticoat than what is in my gallery, so it actually had the nice bell shape.

At the mini room party with some roomies and staff we were talking about relationships, and my department head (yep, I was on staff) told me I would never get a girl if I crossplay, so while I have some stuff coming in on order and stuff coming in for free again I am thinking about giving it up and selling it all off.
Hun, one of my ex's dressed up in girls clothes... and he looked DAMN good in them. I actually found it a bit of a turn on to be honest. He has a very... feminine bone structure... and looks better then most girls when he would dress up. :3 With makeup and everything, he would often get men hitting on him (and well still does).

So yeah, doing that is not going to prevent you from getting a girlfriend.
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