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Originally Posted by Mangochutney View Post
Brown is oddly one of the least steampunk colors there is. The Victorians invented FUCKOFF BRIGHT aniline dyes and you'd better believe everybody who could was wearing them, often in combinations that would seem psychedelic to a 21st-century eye.
Literature =/= reality. This is why everything was black/white/brown with an occasional tiny flash of red. Also a lot of literature focused on stuck-up aristocrats who probably felt it inappropriate to be that flamboyant... (It's the same as how Ninja are portrayed - back in Edo (?) japan they did NOT wear black bodysuits... they wore normal everyday clothes... but that's not 'special' enough for tv/movies/theater...)

I'd kinda like to see a 'psychedelic' steampunk mad scientist... would certainly be a refreshing break from the back/white/brown normally seen...
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