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Howdy, y'all~ Got a few things I need to check on (I'm pretty sure it's all at least semi-lolita, but I'd like to be sure):

First, these pairs of shoes:



Also, I'm about half-way through reconstructing a Halloween shirt I found at Wal-Mart (I still have to put a square neck and some ribbons on it). The design kinda made me think of something from Alice and the Pirates, if that helps any...

Finally, I have a sweater that I got today from the SPCA thrift store, and I wanted to get someone else's opinion on how lolita it is. Personally, I think it looks sort of BTSSB~ :/
(In case you can't tell, it's more of a cream color than white~)

Also, is there any kind of taboo or whatever on glitter or sequins? And is it okay to wear a sweater instead of a blouse or cutsew? (Not a cardigan, but an actual sweater like this one.)

Also also, what's your opinion on Qutieland replicas? Cos I've got a mess of the things that I'm thinking about asking for for Christmas.
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