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Honestly, this was my first Youmacon- the people were phenomenal, but I honestly don't know if I'm actually going to buy a ticket next year.
:\ My friend and I could not get into a SINGLE panel. (well save for the viewing of Deadman Wonderland on Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1 to 2 am right before the daylight savings time hit, but that was due to most people having passes out and gone to bed xD).
Just wondering if that was due to the size of the actual convention center vs the rest of the hotel. I heard on Saturday that it was estimated that 12k were there this year (can anyone confirm that? ), and to the point of seeing people wait in lines for maybe 1 to 2 hours to get into panels and get turned down at the door because a hall can only fit 50 to 100 people seemed kinda silly and ridiculous to me...
It be nice if the Ren. opened up some more rooms for the actual convention, rather than only floors 3, 4, and 5, but I digress, that might just be due to the layout of the building.
(btw point me in the direction of the person whom designed the layout, because i feel like I want to smack him with a mallet >[ had to get lost a total of 3 times before I could get my barrings right lol. And when I went to ask for directions from the staff, they kinda wigged out, got all wide eyed and went all like "OMG CRAZY PERSON, DONT COME DOWN THIS WAY" but forced a smile in the process xD;;; )

Dealers room was okay. The actual dealers always seem to bring the same merchandise with them to every con, as far as what's 'in style' or 'popular' but that's how they make money x3;; - though it was an awesome surprise to see Mookie and Arda Wigs there! <3 so can't complain about that.

Artist Alley had a VERY nice variety of items, styles, and artists, and I got a couple of things that were useful and pretty to look at :3

But other than that, kinda pointless in getting a ticket to the actual con xD; its free to walk around in costume and take pictures of people (which is what I ended up doing, that and hanging out with friends), and going to the dealers room and artist's alley - in a sense, its kinda like paying money to do nothing but spend money... yeah kinda lame.

Make it bigger if you can to compensate for the size of people, please <3

*Also, I think con goers need to boycott the McDonald's in the Cafe area of the Ren. Talk about bad service.... Those workers were seriously SCREAMING at kids, who were simply waiting in line trying to order. (to what I saw, no one was being routy or anything, just the workers. >>) The fact that they took down the dollar menu kinda p*ssed me off too. I mean, I know the anime / cosplaying community is a bunch of weirdos, but we're still human. Its not like we bite or anything :\
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