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I have a conundrum guys. I am doing Russia's outfit and I have an america. The issue I am having is the saffron fabric actually. I really want to be able to have the scarf for more than just cosplay so I want to make it out of silk. If I did i would also make my cincher and skirt out of it as well. I want there to be uniformity in the fabrics though and I doubt my america will be willing to shell out money for a real silk cape, not to mention I really wouldn't think it a good idea.
Synthetics are out of the question(absolutely HATE working with them and the feel against skin) so my question is what do you think I should do? I really want these to look consistent but also I want the outfits to look nice and the way I percieve these sets is as if they were from an expensive set and so would be adorned in nice fabrics. Which makes me wonder what fabrics I should use for the rest of it. I was contemplating a red linen for the shirt and am still at a loss for the coat... Why does this have to be so tough?!
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