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Originally Posted by Lt.Finn View Post
I watched ...Monsters? last night.

It was about this journalist bringing his boss's daughter back to America from Mexico through an infected jungle filled with aliens that looked like Squidward on steroids.

2/5 because the aliens looked cool. Other than that, I didn't understand why they had to make the movie. I feel like it was supposed to be a big OMG!political thing, but it was incredibly boring. One "fight" scene. ONE. Don't promise me aliens and then not have fighting. Nonsense.
You don't understaaaaaaannnnndddddd!!

I love the film actually. It's beautifully shot and the electronica soundtrack adds a lot to it I think. Just because the film is called one thing that really doesn't mean anything, you're not judging the book by its cover. It's not trying to be Godzilla, even though its called monsters they probably could have done the whole thing without any creatures on screen, because in the end the monsters themselves are irrelevant to the bigger picture and the interactions between the boy and hte girl. The whole thing is really an allegory for what its like to live under a millitary occupation ie Iraq.

But hey if you don't like it whatever, its your opinion. I just don't like this thing where people get anoyed when a film isn't what they thought it was going to be based purely on the title. I've never seen a film based purely on the title, how hard is it to find out even a little bit more about a film I say. A trailer, a review, stick its name in to imdb, anything just find out a bit more before go and disapoint yourself.

Last film I saw was Tyrannosaur. Theres a misleading title for you, no dinosaurs in the whole film. Instead of Jurassic park what it is is infact a brutally uncomprimising and gritty British drama about anger violence and domestic abuse.

The film had me sobbing most of the way through, in the first 2 minutes even. It opens with a man drunk and angry kicking his dog to death and imediately regretting it. You might not believe me when I say that he then goes on to become a character you fully feel empathy for and root for by the end of the film; but it's a testament to both the actors and the director that they can achieve such a transformation with what is initially such a terrifying character, probably also because there is another character even more hideous and sinister than him. It says something about a film when the most cheerful moment in the film takes place at funeral.

Please go watch it if you can, its one of the best films I've seen this year and brilliantly crafted in every way.
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