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How to Post in the Props/Accessories/Armor Forum

How To Post In The Props/Accessories/Armor Forum

-After a couple recent threads of very off topic and poorly posed questions leading to arguments and rude responses I thought a thread like this might help those new to the forum, after having obtained moderator approval, here it is.-

The purpose of Props/Accessories/Armor forum is for cosplayers to get advise on various aspects of their costumes from their fellow hobbyists. Need advice on how to construct part of your costume? What materials to use? What methods will get you the desired results? This might be the place for you.

This thread is intended to outline a simple formula to help you in getting the most out of your time and inquiries on this forum by making it easier for those commenting to respond to your needs.

What to do before posting?

1. Make sure you're in the right place. This forum is for advice on constructing Props/Accessories/Armor, ect.
Threads soliciting things to be commissioned go here:
Threads asking for critique go here:
Threads that do no fit in the above categories go here:

2. Google. You might be surprised, but a good portion of the questions asked here can be found with a simple Google search.

3. Search the forum. A lot of questions get repeated, especially regarding popular props/characters. Someone may have already posted an answer to your question in another thread.

4. Check the tutorial forum, here:
You may not be able to find your answer in someone else's thread because there may not have been a need for the question at all. Lots of great tutorials, from lots of great cosplayers can be found here. Just because you can't find exactly what you're asking about doesn't mean that you can't adapt ideas from other tutorials to fit your needs.

So you've done all of the above, and still have questions? Then its time to post your question; here's how to do it so that you get the most from your inquiry.

1.Be very clear about what it is that you're inquiring. This means posting any relevant character and series names and REFERENCE PICTURE/S.
Do not assume people know what you're talking about. Even if they have a basic idea, there can be lots of little details that are easily forgotten.

2. Post what relevant knowledge and experience you have on the subject you're asking about. If you are completely new to constructing things of this nature, say so. It does no one any good to have a very intricate response to a question when you have no idea what the person is talking about.

3. Post your budget. It doesn't have to be an exact number, but you know about how much you can spend on a piece. Different methods yield different quality results, they also vary in cost. It does no one any good to get responses that may yield the desired results if you have no way to afford such methods.

4. Post your equipment and workspace access. Stemming from the budget issues, it does no good to have methods recommended to you if you do not have access to the tools and space to go about those methods.

5. Post any other relevant information. Anything else you can think of that might give people a better idea of what you're trying to accomplish. If you have ideas on how to go about something, don't be afraid to share. You may have thought of something that someone else wouldn't have, or may be able to build on to.

While following these steps may seem like an inconvenience when compared to throwing out a thread with something to the effect of "I want this. Where do I buy/how do I make it", it is in your best interest as you will most likely get more responses.
Not only that, but you will also more than likely get better quality responses because those commenting will have a better idea of not only what you want, but the means you have available to accomplish your goal.
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