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Originally Posted by aMURica View Post
Oh, yes! I was America at the Hetalia panel Saturday night. Apparently another panel cancelled and we were moved to the large room last-minute. We had to do a lot of yelling to keep everybody quiet, but I think it was a success overall.
Yeah that one. I went to it with a couple friends and we sat in the back... It was fun though.

Originally Posted by xpanduhh View Post
lols, we got a lot of strange looks too. xD We had more than this, but I took out the ones where they just stood there. They weren't as good and well.. the video was already pretty long. But I guess it was just luck? I dunno. lols. I guess we got more people who knew about peacocking or just wanted to dance with us. xD
Originally Posted by Angel Miki View Post
We got strange looks, ne? owo
We had more too, but my friend who is going to put all of our videos together was having some trouble actually being able to see what was what and it became bothersome. But you guys did seem to have more people join in with you. I had a lot of people just sort of stand there with "what the heck just happened?" looks. I liked it a lot better when people actually joined in. I have a bunch of tape with random people dancing in random places though...
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