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Blerp ~ Im new too. xD Well hello everyone~
My names Caitie, and im not really new to cosplay but i dont have many of them. xD Ive been to 2 cons, both were youmacon.
youma 2010, and youma 2011.
Ill also be going to ACEN, currently ive only cosplayed as 2 people:
Elizabeth Middleford and Kairi from KH2.
The Kairi one was bad... it was my first "cosplay"
I mean its not BAD as to where... I made it bad. xD Plus it was way too big on me.
Elizabeth is currently my passion B|
Im from the Macomb area. Im also 14 years of age, my birthday is April 28th.
(yess! During ACEN. Socool *0* ) <3

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