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Originally Posted by Lightning Baron View Post
I think the colour choices used by steam punk cosplayers is due to their interpretation of steam punk as well as the culture. I remember attending a steam punk panel and one panelist Talked about how in the United states Steam Punk has a very wild west flavour while here in Canada we have a more Victorian/"upper class" flavour to steam punk. Also many people chose the dark colours cause and a world were fuels like coal,wood and oils/desiel are used to produce energy and to make steam, it can be very dirty and bright colours tend to be subdued and Dark colours hide the dirt.
I could buy this. The style is greatly effected by what is already out there. People see the outfits and want to look like that but just a little different. I've seen that in ren-fair, roman, WW 2, and Civil War Reenacting. Like in life, trends come and go in these hobbies and probably will in Steam Punk too.
Here is a great site for fabric or getting ideas for fabric.

Fashion: A History from the 18th Century to the 20th Century, Collection from the Kyoto Costume Institute is a wonderful book for color pictures. I love the Worth stuff. There is more I could say, but I don't have the time. Just remember no one knows everything. I once made a ballgown for a woman. She bought this bright fucha fabric and I kept thinking that it was not at all period correct. Turns out that for 1960 it was the height of fashion having just been introduced.

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