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Originally Posted by ShiroHime View Post
Howdy, y'all~ Got a few things I need to check on (I'm pretty sure it's all at least semi-lolita, but I'd like to be sure):

First, these pairs of shoes:



Also, I'm about half-way through reconstructing a Halloween shirt I found at Wal-Mart (I still have to put a square neck and some ribbons on it). The design kinda made me think of something from Alice and the Pirates, if that helps any...

Finally, I have a sweater that I got today from the SPCA thrift store, and I wanted to get someone else's opinion on how lolita it is. Personally, I think it looks sort of BTSSB~ :/
(In case you can't tell, it's more of a cream color than white~)

Also, is there any kind of taboo or whatever on glitter or sequins? And is it okay to wear a sweater instead of a blouse or cutsew? (Not a cardigan, but an actual sweater like this one.)

Also also, what's your opinion on Qutieland replicas? Cos I've got a mess of the things that I'm thinking about asking for for Christmas.
I think those shoes work great with lolita~ I love mixing shoes that are not really lolita with lolita outfits~ it adds personal style
For the cutsew, I think it would be nice if you made the sleeves longer and the shirt shorter. Those kinds of sleeves don't work very well with lolita and the length willmake it sit on your hips rather than your natural waist where lolita skirts sit. The print on the shirt definitely works for lolita, though.
I think that sweater is ADORABLE, but again, the length might be a problem.
Sweaters are perfectly acceptable with lolita~
Qutieland gets all of their items from taobao and resells them (hence why it's around $30 more expensive to buy from them rather than get a shopping service) but most of the replicas from Dream of Lolita (where qutieland gets theirs) are fairly nice from what I've heard/seen. You can look up reviews of DOL replicas on the EGL community on livejournal.
Hope I was able to help!
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