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Originally Posted by [Rubedo] View Post
On Friday I was Blank in the Pluto Knight armor with a Zidane and Marcus from FFIX. Saturday I was Tetra with a Link from Wind Waker. :]
Originally Posted by Kuroi Yokan View Post
I was the Zidane and Link with her on those days!
So many oglops!!/!/!/!/ (Oglops!!)

Originally Posted by Kitsoru View Post
Friday: Kagura from Gintama.!/

Originally Posted by Calsephir View Post
I was Rikku from x-2 For part of Friday and all of Saturday. If anybody has a picture of me, I would love to see it.
The first few pics I took had your dagger in front of Yuffie's face, but I can post those too if you want them. These are the nice ones.!/!/!/
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