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Originally Posted by Devkyu View Post
It'd have the same problem as cosplaying characters that wear relatively normal clothing: People might not notice you're even wearing a cosplay right away. Their eyes will be drawn to the elaborate and bright colored costumes everyone else is wearing and not pay as much attention to "normal" human beings.

I was looking recently at a character as a possible future cosplay and I realized "he wears nothing unique, his entire wardrobe is normal street clothing" so basically nobody would recognize him. (Though again, this raises the question of "would it be fun to cosplay even if nobody recognizes you?" if the answer is "yes, I love the character and want to RP him" then go for it, but if its "recognizing is required or it would be creepy and I might even get thrown out" (ala L from DeathNote) then look at someone else to cosplay.
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