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Originally Posted by Sesami View Post
Hello everyone, I just like to ask everyone to please give Anime Revolution a chance to prove itself.

In regards to what Akiyhrah said, it was mostly some misunderstanding that made someone or some people to think our team member was being rude, which is really not the case, we have accepted the mistake and have apologized to the individual(s) and we sincerely hope this is not going to stop any of the anime/cosplay fans from attending AR2012.

I thank you for your understanding, please drop by our forum and say hello, meet the team and other anime/cosplay fans and I am sure you'll see that we are not rude. =)

Best regards
Really? I only lurked the forums for a month or so, but every post I saw that questioned anything about AR or disagreed with one of the staff/mods in the least got met with hostility by the entire community. Hence why I am not a part of the forums now. I don't appreciate having my honest opinion attacked simply because I am not kissing your ass. You may have labeled them as 'misunderstandings', but I know some of the people who have felt attacked on your forums, and they certainly would not agree.
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