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Originally Posted by Akiyhrah View Post
Really? I only lurked the forums for a month or so, but every post I saw that questioned anything about AR or disagreed with one of the staff/mods in the least got met with hostility by the entire community. Hence why I am not a part of the forums now. I don't appreciate having my honest opinion attacked simply because I am not kissing your ass. You may have labeled them as 'misunderstandings', but I know some of the people who have felt attacked on your forums, and they certainly would not agree.
I am not attacking you and I apologize if it seems that way, and I don't expect you to "kiss my ass", but with respect, that was months ago and as far as I know I don't see any sort of rude behavior by our staff as of now, I really don't see any reason to hold grudge on this issue for so long, like I said, all we ask is a chance to prove ourselves, can we please put this issue behind? much appreciated, thank you.
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