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Originally Posted by Mr Oni View Post
Just like civil war reancting there are huge reanctment communitys for both world wars somebody has to play the bad guys and you can't do that without wearing a swastika. The uniforms these groups use are by and large 100 percent accurate reproductions. Anything less and you are called a Farb for Far be it for me to buy a real uniform. You need at least 1000 dollars dollars to get into civil war reancting for example and that's assuming you are buying used equipment. Hetalia has nothing to do with any kind of real history and yes I don't get the attraction other than female bishi porn. For cosplay something less would do but I don't want to see anything like the skit that won at anime usa that was complmented for historlcal accuracy for cosplaying the Revolution. The uniforms didnt look very made of wool to me.
Not sure were your getting your $1000 for Civil War to get a total Rep Uniform will set you back between 300 to 500 and that includes all of your leather and brass. Now if you want to add a rifle/sword and pistol then your looking at around 5 grand. As far as WWII German reactors wearing the Armband not sure your know your history please show me outside of certain SA Units and SS Units no other German Military Unit wore the Armband.

As for the Rev. stuff I think the reason they complemented. was because unlike other folks I've seen wear Rev period stuff they had the actual correct colors/markings and over uniform, I could ask one of the judges about it if you like.
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