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Originally Posted by sazumebachi View Post
Hey everyone I'm back once again!!!
I've decided i'm definally going to otakon 2012 this year!!
Anyone up for another Star Wars Photoshoot??

It was all kinds of awesome meeting you guys, and I should have my smuggler 100% by then. XD

Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
Well you know I will be their with camera in hand maybe we can try to get the middle of the fountain or we could look at another location
Looking forward too it! Hard to beat the fountains location because it's such a gorgeous backdrop (and fun to have random citizens stopping to take photos), but then again, I haven't thoroughly explored all of the area enough to suggest an alternative. ^_^

My only suggestion is wondering if we should make the time just a little bit later than last year, so its a tiny bit darker, and the Sith and Jedi lightsabers would have more glow.
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