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Originally Posted by Mr Oni View Post
You have to include the cost of the rifle which start at about 500 bucks. so yes a basic civil war outfit is over 1000. The weremacht had swastikas on there helmets and field caps. The Luftwaffe did also. Maybe you should learn your history a little better there were no good guys in germany the weremacht commited attrocities without the help of the ss. It really blew my mind when the french girl said it is very old wine it is vintage 1812!.
First off I think you better go back and read some of my post if anyone in this thread know about German Uniforms it would be me I've been doing Living History of German Units for 30 Years so yea when I say that only certain SA and SS Units wore the Arm bane you bet I know what I'm talking about.

As for the Civil War Rifle not sure were your getting your price but I just purchase a non working 1863 Sharps Repeater for $2100 the cheapest working Civil War Rifle starts at $1500 and goes up from their.
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