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Name of Commissioner: Hello Cosplay
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Timeline: About a month and half, 25 business days.

First let me say I was worried like hell, outfits like these are hard to find and even harder to get made to fit a male so I was worried it was too good to be true. I emailed them and asked all about if they would make it fit a tall skinny guy like me and they said yes. Oh woot! They even offer the option to make you a fitting pettie coat which just made this so cool.

So I wait 25 business days since I ordered during the Halloween rush and a get an email saying it has been shipped. I get home and forgot to check it so I get up late that night and my outfit is already in the states! By the late next day is at my door...I live close to a UPS disturbing airfield so I get shipments quick.

I get it unwrapped and examine the petite coat, it is huge! I mean huge in a good way, it fills out the dress like nothing else. It isn't fancy or thick, but hey it cost 12 bucks, like I have room to complain. The dress...OH MY GOODNESS! The dress is so beautiful I was spinning around with it in my hands. Beautiful crimson cloth, white lace, and white satin, it was so pretty! I slide it on over the petite coat and I look like I am going to the ball. So beautiful.

The arm covers were so comfy, the dress was breathe able, the choker was bit big, but better than tight as hell. I am pretty sure the lace corset front is just for show, but I wasn't wearing my bra to fill it out so I can't say.

You don't need a bra for it! They can make them for guys, I play woman so I use bras to add to the illusion. Over all a wonderful buy!

Now a little side note from a person who buys from China, not everything from China is cheap junk! This is a horrible stereotype! I have ordered other outfits and items from China and they are lasting and it has been years since they were made, so don't think China is cheap stuff. Always do review checks when buy from anywhere. You can get screwed on anything from anywhere in the world, not just China.

Final Grade: A

Now I am off to ball, ta ta!
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