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Originally Posted by Mr Oni View Post
Ok nowhere in any of my posts did I mention a swastika armband thats all you but the german army as i said all had swastikas on their head gear. Only a complete retard would bring a real civil war rifle to a reanactment. check out this link most of them are made in Italy or india.
Really huh did I say it was an original Civil War Sharp no I said I just purchase a non working one for that price as for the link I'm very aware of Fall Creek stuff if you actually had read what the website say on each weapon it give a price for Jan but it also states to call none of their guns go from less then 1500. I actually own one of their Fremount which I purchase a few years back and checking the bill of sale for it was 957.67 that included tax and shipping.

And no most of the stuff is made right here in the USA, Euroarms has a plant in Penn that they are closing at the end of the Year Armi Guns are made in Germany and England the company has it HQ in Rome but operated all over Europe. This is not a discussion you really want to get into like I said you can't get a working Civil War Rifle for under 1500 Dollars period.

Oh and I know quite allot of Reactors who bring real Civil War Rifles to many events why not they still are in working order, I take it you have never been involved in this type of Living History so here is some advise go and look up US Civil War 150t Anv events find one near you go out and talk with us who do this you will get a very large eye opener on how much stuff really cost and you might actually learn something.

As for the German stuff the original discussion was about the SA and SS Arm bands only a complete moron would know that all German Patches and Insignia had the Swastikas in them. The discussion was about what not to wear to a Con not what we who do living History wear, maybe if you had spent the time in going back and reading the thread you would have got that instead of walking into a discussion half blind.

So inclusion if you want to get into doing US Civil War reacting it will set you back around 5 Grand, if you decide to do WWII Era Cosplay don't do any SA or SS German Units since you would have to wear the Arm Band.
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