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Originally Posted by Divinita Lunare Aria View Post
I was at Jo Ann's hoping they'd have brown fabric with either baby blue/pink polka dots, but they didn't, so as I was heading to the check out, I spotted this fabric and freaked out because it was so similar to Chess Chocolate's print (but the pinks are different), so I bought 4 yards xP Sorry for the macro-ness of the picture!

I'm planning on making a low waist jsk, with three tiers (the tiers that aren't connected to each other), and a light pink blouse with a ruffled neck piece and short sleeves. And possibly pairing these tights with them because I love see-thru socks/tights.
And yesterday I purchased these shoes from Bodyline (but haven't received a confirmation yet @_@)

Still not sure about the head piece and if I should go for a wig.
Sounds cute! I'd see if you could get a solid fabric in that color too, for smaller ruffles and contrast, but i love that fabric.
Current sewing machine count: 9 and a serger. I need to stop buying any machine I find that works and is less than $50. I have a problem.

Also you can add me on twitter! Unless you have something better to do with your time than read about the insanity of my life.
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