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Anyone tried the studios in Korea before?
There are a few great ones with awesome backgrounds around Seoul and Busan (though I've only been to ones in Seoul XD)
And the cosplay-oriented ones don't cost as much as regular studios (totally YESSSS!!)

If you're looking for photo opportunities, there's also the monthly COSAMO or COSPEACE events where a bunch of cosplayers and photographers meet up at a chosen park (usually the park near the AT center) for a large photo shoot event.

Lol, anyways, I'm going to the December Seoul Comic.
First day as a photographer for a CLAMP X/1999 team - though I'll be wearing Perfect Jersey Distortion Miku - second day as Karakuri Burst Rin with another team
Anyone interesting in meeting up if they're coming?
Of course, I'll be stuck with my teams for most of both days, but if anyone's coming I'll break off from them for a while to try and meet you guys~~

Ooh, and feel free to ask about the studios and photoshoot events, though you should know that the most important thing you need for both is a Naver account;;

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