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:/ Two things:

1. I dislike how my new "Amazing" Graphic Design Teacher is such a bitch, and just...Ugh. Teachers are meant to grade you individually, and take their time to grade each assignment. YET, I've done my assignments and been graded like everyone (even people who didn't do the assignment) as a 70. This Teacher...I don't care if he DID come from Hollywood, you don't give everyone a grade a whole.

2. Underclassmen.....Are so immature in my Liberal Arts class. What makes me question myself though, ALL of them are Black, so...:/ I feel racist for hating them. Even if they ignore the poor teacher, try bribing the teacher to give them a good grade, yell/talk really loudly, try cheating off me...:/ Can I be allowed to be dislike them, WITHOUT being a Racist?
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