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Violet. I have been in your shoes, and I can say no grade is worth that much stress. In my last semester of college I nearly dropped out because I was so painfully depressed and frustrated. I stuck with it, and I graduated on time, but had I not sorted out my shit, I would have been at peace with quitting while I was ahead if it meant sparing my sanity.

The point of that story is, though your parents and teachers may make you feel like grades are the best measure of your value, but that is a steaming load of bull. A grade is an intangible, arbitrary number set by someone else, and it often does not account for effort and improvement. It certainly does not define who you are, your value as a person, or what you can accomplish with your life.

To you and anyone else, don't you dare ever feel like grades define you. They don't, and before you know it, nobody will give a damn about how you did in school.
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