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Originally Posted by EndThisRapture View Post
I've been trying to do a Noel [or Jin] cosplay since Calamity trigger came out. >< The only thing keeping me from doing so can hopefully be answered here.

Whats the best way to make Noel's dress, the collar part has me the most confused. How it conects to the dress, and how to go about either a] drafting the pattern, or b] modifying and existing one.

Are there any hints or tutorials out there? Pictures would be prefered, or just an indepth explanation. :}

This whole general section kind of confuses me. Would you used bias tape for the slightly bolder black color?

I don't know how much help this would be but if I were to make a Noel costume for someone else (since I wouldn't wear it myself, not brave enough to crossplay haha) I would start with a base top like the attached image (ideally in white). That way the collar could just be added on top of it without the black seeping through and having the base as one solid top I think would reduce the risk of "accidents" or need of body tape.


I'm currently working on a basic/original color Hazama costume I've found some patterns for the coat/vest I can use as a base (haven't modified them yet) but I'm not sure what fabric to use, I'm thinking Twill or maybe Denim the coat pattern also mentions tweed. Ideally I want them to match so the same fabric for both is my goal. I'd like them to be comfortable/fashionable (I "think" twill would work more for this but I don't know) aside from the costume so that I get as much use out of them. Anyone more familiar with these fabrics have any advice or input?
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