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I was in contact with these fellows to see if I could get the Minato kun (Persona 3 main character) costume minus the pants. They responded back quickly, and the answer was yes (at a small discount, even). I was very very impressed.
So I gave my dimensions, and a few weeks later I got just what I ordered! The costume fit perfectly! (so perfect, in fact, that I suggest you add about 1/2" onto the neck measurement when you're ordering, because the neck on my shirt is the exact size I gave them)
I cosplayed at a con in Wisconsin lately and the people who knew persona3 really liked the get-up. I've even worn the jacket and shirt a few times as normal apparel.
Also, the day FedEx tried to deliver it I wasn't home, so they left a note for me to sign, then delivered the next day. The night they tried to deliver I received an email from the fine fellows here to make sure I gave them the correct address. I appreciated their concern.

The only, ONLY, thing I would change. Add a couple more buttons onto the shirt, and space them a little closer so the gaps don't open up. That's all!

Thanks again.

I'm thinking up some new ideas.. and I and thinking Ayato from Angel Beats
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