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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
I can relate. There's not a lot of opportunity here in Halifax either. I'm considering going into fashion design as a career, but I'm not sure if I can make a living off of it, given that my tastes (and designs) are not strictly mainstream. I know there's not much room here in Halifax, and I would have a better chance of finding my niche in NYC. But not only is there the high cost of living to contend with, for me there is also emigration, which is NOT easy, apparently.

There's also the worry that going back to school may do me no good, leaving me no better off than before. I end up being unable to make a living, working the same dead end job as before, only now being deep in student loan debt. I don't want to spend my life sitting on one jobsite after another, a glorified watcher-in-the-dark. I don't want my entire life to be lived in darkness, loneliness, and shadows. I live so much of my life, nowhere, literally in dark. I've got an active brain, it wasn't meant for just sitting on empty jobsites for hours at a time, staring into space. Seriously, my company boss has even made noise about forbidding guards to read books on duty, even when there is nothing else to do. Fuck. How do I get out of a life that's turned into a pathetic study in underachievement?
I know, right?
And I know for a fact that at the very least, NCAC would promote me immediately if I moved to NYC. Either that, or I could be an adjunct professor at one of the CUNY campuses. UGH.

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