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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
Kind of fixed, but I totes sympathize with the entire thing.

On a similar note, you wouldn't believe the amount of times of had people let me in on their prejudices just because I'm a white, heterosexual, cis-gendered male. I've started calling them on their bigoted shit as of late, and they act like I have an attitude.
Atheism is still a kind of religion really. But anywho..

Mind if I prod about and ask what kinda stuff is said?

The only time I've really had someone assume that based on my race I agree with their prejudice is while working at the bookstore. An older customer and I where chatting away as it was dead in the store and I was starved of any mental stimulation, so little nice old lonely white lady was it. I had told the story about a friend who worked his ass off, working after the restaurant closed as a waiter for a snarky and rude table of goons who treated him and his co-workers like shit. At the end, after staying well over 30 minutes after closing, they didn't leave a tip on a meal well over $300.

The older woman glanced around her, seeing no one else around, leaned in a bit and said "Well we know what kind of person they where" and gave me a soft knowing nod and snarky grin.

I gave her a strange look and said "They sure where rude that's for sure" but I was clearly getting the hint.

She just responded with another knowing nod and said "Well we know who they where.."

The way she was giving me that "we both know" sort of grin and nod it was quite clear the implications she was making and she was assuming based on my race, I'd agree.
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