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Originally Posted by SapphireChaos View Post
My psychology teacher is getting on my nerves. I am a Christian and he is an atheist. I'm usually like "Don't push your beliefs on me and I won't push mine on you." And I don't care if he brings up a debate on it if it applies to our discussion, but lately he stats bringing up how God doesn't really exist even when it has NOTHING to do with the lesson. I wish he could just stick to the lesson and not bring faiths into a lesson that has nothing to do with it. Also, he won't even give people a CHANCE to argue their views.
I was like that when I was a kid (as in a snobbish atheist). Strangely enough I grew out of it because I had a really awesome RE/RS/Whatever they call it these days (I don't know how religious she was, but the class was a pretty academic look at various faiths) who didn't as much outright say I was being an idiot as show it (if that makes sense).
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