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Originally Posted by SapphireChaos View Post
I'm so sorry about this. One of my friends went through the exact same thing last year. I'm not sure what to say, and it may sound cliche', but PLEASE never consider suicide. Some things just take a little time to figure themselves out. *hugs*
I'm trying not to think about it, it's just...hard to. *hugs*

Originally Posted by SpazItUp View Post
Papercut- I feel like this girl is playing with your emotions and you may love her but you are young and she is not the last person you will meet. Personally I feel like her suicidal tendencies are just her crying out for help and you are the person she is.... well to put it simply.... manipulating. It's not a very simple or easy situation which I am sure I don't fully understand but I think getting upset over a person who doesn't want to share your feelings and actually seems to mess with them is hardly fair to you.

Take it from someone who knows, this girl is not the end all be all of people you will love. And frankly maybe it's best if you step away from her so you don't hurt so much. I know you want to be there for her but she is actively hurting you with her attitude and she isn't good to be in a relationship anyways if she is acting this way. She needs to find herself and be at peace with herself if she wants to be in a healthy relationship and that means NOT hiding her sexuality from her parents. It's more trouble than it's worth. You're young... things will change and there will be others.
The first part is actually what I'm afraid of and why I feel so horrible over it. I know I've let people use me like a toy, hell, ever since I started school, and now that I've realized what was going on, I've tried to change. She was the one who wouldn't mind; any others would immediately call me a b!tch. After all that rant, when I felt she frankly was just treating me like a toy again, used when it's convenient and told I'm special, then thrown away, I just kind of...snapped.
I can't feel like there will be others, or anyone who is better...Partially because of my mom telling me I can kill myself for my sexuality and all she would say is 'Poor girl, she's going to Hell.', and partially because through all of my life, I've never felt good enough for anything, and now the landmine for love has been stepped on..I've never been a very 'loved' person, and I just don't see it changing soon.
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