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Originally Posted by Sesami View Post
I am not attacking you and I apologize if it seems that way, and I don't expect you to "kiss my ass", but with respect, that was months ago and as far as I know I don't see any sort of rude behavior by our staff as of now, I really don't see any reason to hold grudge on this issue for so long, like I said, all we ask is a chance to prove ourselves, can we please put this issue behind? much appreciated, thank you.
I never said you were attacking me now, I said I don't go to your forums because of what I have seen in the past. Perhaps your forums have tamed; however your staff has left a very bad first impression on me and many others, so I have no desire to return until you HAVE proved yourselves. And in case you missed it in my first post, I said I would probably still go to the con and give you guys a chance; after all I've been a cosplayer for a few years now and am very active in the community, so I'm not likely to pass on a chance to cosplay. You were the one who quoted me and decided to make it an issue, so don't try and turn me into a bad guy. You are perfectly welcome to drop it, but I still stand by my opinion.
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